Our Heritage

 Templeton -Drinks -Heritage


Hello I'm Lyndon Belt.

Please let me introduce you to the world of Templeton.

Following a life time of experience in West Wales logistics, in the last ten years I have observed a large hole developing in the drinks distribution market.
The once many local brewery and wholesale family businesses in Pembrokeshire have sadly closed their doors or been bought out by the multi-national brewers.

Subsequently these Major brewers have re-located to depots Eastwards along the M4 corridor, adding the complexity of three day delivery lead times and limited emergency cover.

So I decided to implement my logistical knowledge & high ethical standards to provide the local licensed trade with a just in time delivery service.

I have always benefited from the added value that only local services can provide and hope that the West Wales licensee will do the same.
Today we are delivering the orders you left on our answer-phone last night.
I hope this site gives you some insight to our ethics.
You have probably seen our distinctive Brown & Cream lorry's and van's delivering to your neighbour or sampled a pint of our infamous 'Wildebeest Ale'.
You probably know most of my staff from years gone by.

Go on give Kathy or Gemma a call... 01834 860992