Wildebeest -Ale -From -Templeton -Drinks

A Chestnut brown coloured ale, carefully blended with Bramling Cross hops & Crystal malt barley. Producing citrus hoppy undertones with a light floral aroma.

Nestling between the mystical Preseli Mountains and the rugged West Wales coast, lies the tranquil village of Templeton.

By day, unsuspecting visitors could never imagine the horrors that prevail after dark. 

The legend of the wildebeest has been passed down from generation to generation and despite countless attempts by local vigilante has never been caught.

He is an amorous character rumoured to be half man, half beast, preying upon lonesome male drinkers as they warily trudge there way home from the local 'watering hole'.

To celebrate this illusive character, Templeton Beer, Wine & Spirit Co have commissioned the brewing of the well-crafted 'Wildebeest Ale'