This Fine Amber ale has been brewed using a complex mix of hops to offer balanced bitterness with strong tropical notes. All the flavour you would expect from a great full body ale but at only alc. 2.8% vol.

..... By the early 1300's, the number of Templar Knights sat at Sentence Castle were falling.

Around their camp fire the Knights would boldly tell tales of valour whilst supping barrels of strong ale. Sat amongst these warriors was Arthur, a bright young Knight barely five foot tall and often the target of the evenings humour.He had a cunning plan to save the order. After quaffing a dozen tankards of ale, these big men could not perform.

Following weeks of tinkering with the recipe, 'Little Arthur' devised a brew that would both fool the Templar's taste buds and conquer the enemy.
Arthur switched the barrels of strong ale for his Brew of 2.8% 'Cwrw Bach'
The morning after the night before, much to their surprise the Knights rose to the occasion with ease.

Arthur was hailed a hero and the enemy were kept at bay once more.....

Three cheers for Cwrw Bach
Hip hip hurrah, Hip hip hurrah,
Hip hip hurrah!