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Cwrw Bach Ale Cwrw Bach Ale

Cwrw Bach Ale

Alc 2.8 vol

This Fine Amber ale has been brewed using a complex mix of hops to offer balanced bitterness with strong tropical notes. All the flavour you would expect from a great full body ale but at only alc. 2.8% vol.

Wildebeest Ale Wildebeest Ale

Wildebeest Ale

Alc 3.7 vol

A Chestnut brown coloured ale, carefully blended with Bramling Cross hops & Crystal malt barley:producing citrus hoppy undertones with a light floral aroma.

Rebecca Riot Ale Rebecca Riot Ale

Rebecca Riot Ale

Alc 4.3 vol

A deep brown coloured ale, with warm reddish tones and a creamy-coloured head. It has an aroma of soft fruits with a hoppy nose. Full-bodied richness with a distinctive flavour of toffee & caramel, combined with a crisp bitter-edge derived from using bramling Hops.

Templeton Lemonade Templeton Lemonade

Templeton Lemonade

Nine Gallon Kegs of ready made Lemonade. Runs through any spare dropline in your cellar. Can be installed as a font on the bar or rebadged on a spare on the T Bar. Zero waste. Dispensed cold. No more sticky flat bottles of lemonade cluttering up the back bar. No complicated contracts.